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Copyright and Reproduction

"Under law, it is the photographer who will own copyright on any photos he/she has taken, with the following exceptions:

  * If the photographer is an employee of the company the photos are taken for, or is an employee of a company instructed to take the     photos, the photographer will be acting on behalf of his/her employer, and the company the photographer works for will own the copyright.
  * If there is an agreement that assigns copyright to another party.

In all other cases, the photographer will retain the copyright, if the photographer has been paid for his work, the payment will be for the photographer’s time and typically an allocated number of prints. The copyright to the photos will remain with the photographer, and therefore any reproduction without permission would be an infringement of copyright."

I am very flexible with the use of my photos and I do operate a fair usage policy whereby you may use any of the images as long as the following conditions are met. 

Conditions of Fair Usage

* The image/images are for non-commercial usage

 * The source of the original image must be given below the image

 * Full accreditation to be given to me (Jez Bradshaw) below the image

* I am informed that the image is being used and where it is being used 



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